Three Powers candle

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Three Powers candle

Three Powers candle

Three Powers candle is an offering to the three Venezuelan powers: María Lionza, the Guaicaipuro Indian and the black Felipe.
It is a candle that is used as a joker to try to cover the most basic needs of human existence such as: love, health and money.
The composition of this candle is a very careful combination of both medicinal and esoteric plants. Within the European botany and more specifically of the Mediterranean ribiera. These plants have gone through a careful process of crushing and pulverizing at three hundred microns.

Thus in the course of its combustion will not pose any risk to the environment and to people. The positive effect of the Three Powers Candle occurs at the end of the combustion. When the wax wall has fallen into its container and the beeswax burns along with the plants
corresponding more optimal will be the result. And the less remains left in the dish, the greater solution to what we are demanding. Although one way or another we will always get a positive change.

Throughout our lives, there are many stages plagued by bad spells and inevitably a great pessimism invades us. And no matter how much effort we put in, we can not overcome it by our own means.
The Candle Three Powers is a very good tool to help overcome these unpleasant trances and bad moments of our lives. La Vela Tres Potencias will provide us with a road map full of optimism as well as a whole range of possibilities. Both in the private sphere and in the public sphere of our existence.
It is essential that you bear in mind that it is great to attract positivity. This ritual is very important to carry it out on a Thursday (day of the planet Jupiter), if possible for three weeks in a row, of course depending on the severity of the case.

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