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TAMING MY ENEMIESNowadays, harassment is very normal, both in men and women, in different ages of our lives and in any situation.

They can be very varied harassment: in schoolmates of your children, at work both men and women, by workers, managers or bosses.

We are in a society that increasingly dominates the domain towards others, whether for the self satisfaction of power towards oneself, to be more important in a job or for sexual pleasure.

The most normal way to solve these problems is through dialogue or through justice, but unfortunately sometimes due to fear or self-interest, we have to put up with these unpleasant situations.

There is an option through magic, to tame our enemies whose result is very satisfactory, using candles from San Marcos, is a solution that gives very good results, the guarantee is that it has been used for many years, obtaining magnificent results .

In Candle Art we make 3 types of candles to give a solution to these types of conflicts, (all of them, as always, made of beeswax with plants and ritualized to tame our enemies).

The three candles mentioned are the following: San Marcos code 1.15, Dominant Spirit code 1.18 and the medium candle of San Marcos code 10.10.

All of them give a good result, if you want to tame our enemies, we can get away from our environment, you can reinforce the ritual with a candle cut Code 1.04 or San Alejo code 1.21. It is a double ritual, tame our enemies and move them away.

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