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Suicide or hope. Hopelessness is very present in our lives. We have a very fast life, with stress and with many goals to reach in which most of the times we mark them ourselves.

The consequence of the suicide attempt may come from a number of causes: a chronic illness, not having reached a significant goal in life for us and we feel cheated by it. We think in our interior: why continue? No one is going to bother to think that I am no longer here with them. I am not happy with my work, if there is, I am ruined and I can not realize the dream of my life, etc …

All these situations provoke a lack of self-esteem in which we prefer to disappear from the reality of this world. Unfortunately and just as our daily lives are set up, there are many more suicides.

Our opinion is that living day to day in a simple way and valuing the facts and people in a simple way can compensate us more to our ego, if we realize that there are unreachable goals that we will not be able to reach, we should not Frustrate us

Suicide or hope. As far as the spiritual part is concerned, it is a great help to have our soul serene and balanced. Only to think that not everything is in our present life, but we have an eternity ahead, it has to comfort the spirit. Let us not think of the banal things of this life, and prepare ourselves for the future.

We can attend spiritual centers of meditation, that guide us to have inner peace. A simple test that you can do, is to enter a church, you will notice a consolation and a surrounding inner peace.

Being in a cult center where others ask, an energy wheel is produced to pray to God.


We at CANDLE ART always try to find help. It is in our case that we are talking, that a candle can be a very important instrument. The Candle Protection Changes, will help us face life with excitement and excitement. Then use a candle of Abrecaminos Luck to have more possibilities to channel with temperance the course of our life.

There is also a very important candle when there are moments of uncertainty, the Candle of Depression: you will find an inexplicable and refreshing energy that will help you to undertake the projects that you have kept for lack of courage.

If you can not sleep in a natural way, we have a candle called Insomnia, which will help us sleep without disturbing dreams, resting in a gentle and refreshing way.

Anyway we put special emphasis on the first candle Protection Changes as it brings us a positive mentality change that we are having now.

We hope we have helped you to carry out some of our proposals. We must not give life the satisfaction of abandoning it to our will; Since she tests us to overcome all the bad trances she gives us. We must continue with courage and determination (by faith or religion) until the last day of our natural life.

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