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SPRING WITH JOY AND WELLBEING. The arrival of spring is one of the stations most often encourage us. And so today we bring candles battery FACING SPRING WITH JOY AND WELLBEING. With it comes more hours of light and therefore mobilizing hormones that favor a positive mood. The sun is largely responsible for hormonal changes that favor greater sexual activity. They are also emotional and behavioral changes.
Paradoxically this weather improved print a negative for some people trace: fatigue, sadness, lack of energy … is the spring asthenia. Candles Depression, with its bright orange color, prints us courage and determination to face existence with optimism. Vitality Or, if we are very weak battery.
It is not a disease. It is an adaptation of the body to changes in temperature and humidity, which lasts at most two weeks.
They begin to pollinate plants and pollen allergies. The we can fight perfectly with candles Allergies, descargándonos nose. Young, healthy people may experience tiredness, dizziness, lack of concentration and energy or difficulty sleeping. Therefore they need DEALING WITH SPRING WITH JOY AND WELLBEING. Blood circulation becomes thicker than usual and notice that the legs and feet. Circulation with candles, we will walk lighter and rested.

And for people whose problem is the Respiratory System-Bronchial Asthma is excellent for helping us better oxigenarnos. The continuous ups and downs of temperature, make our immune system is more susceptible to coughs and colds; with the Virus-Bacteria Vela, you can say farewell to them.
We have removed the clothes and winter excesses we have placed extra kilos. Candle Diet and Weight Control; It has two specific purposes. The orange part will give us the part of willpower and energy to achieve the goal (lose weight) and Blue, to face the challenge calmly and reach the desired goal: to lose weight or get to keep it. And very happily we can say that the “bikini operation” has been achieved … or consolidated !!!
There are also people who accuse or perceive more than necessary a disorder or condition in your body when you change station or time: are people called meteorosensibles. Health Vela (is a general wildcard for any request related to Health). Or the candle Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez for help in the prevention and healing of diseases; (Always parallel to a conventional medical treatment). It is a season full of changes to enjoy and live fully. If you have any little symptom, candles CANDLE ART, is a magnificent ally to face SPRING WITH JOY AND WELLBEING.

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