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Spiritualism: PHILOSOPHY


Spiritualism: PHILOSOPHY, FAITH AND WAY OF LIFE. In this week’s article, we’d opt for another very interesting aspect as far as articles is concerned.
The world of candles can be interpreted as a mirror to cross it leads to a very different dimension to which we live. Spiritualism could therefore be defined as that great organization able to frame the entire life of a person. To give you the tools to lead your life with resignation and understanding, to address adverse along this winding road is life situations.

That is when we have to talk about God (the Creator) to believe in him vast extend the view of creation; the universe exists then there is a cause. Doubt its existence would deny that every effect has a cause.
The inferiority of the causes of man does not allow you to understand the intimate nature of God. In the infancy of humanity, man often confused imperfections, but as it develops in the moral sense, his thought penetrates better in the bottom of things and a fairer and more consistent way ratiocination idea.
We must take into account a number of sections:

God is eternal: If I had first would come out of nowhere or has been created by a previous one. This is how by degrees we go back to infinity and eternity.
It’s immutable: If changes were subject to the laws governing the universe would have no stability.
It’s immaterial because its nature differs from everything we call matter, otherwise it would not be subject to the transformations of matter.
-The Harmony governing the universe springs, discover and view certain combinations and for this reason, reveals an intelligent power. To attribute the first formation at sunset would be a contradiction, since the decline is blind and can not produce the effects of intelligence.
-for The works the power of intelligence is judged as no human being can create what nature produces, the first cause would be a superior intelligence humanity. Whatever they may be the wonders produced by human intelligence, the same intelligence has the same cause. And the greater must be the biggest first cause will be the consequence.

Spiritualism: PHILOSOPHY. As we have discussed above, it is very important to be aware of a higher being who protects and gives meaning to our lives. That is why CANDLE ART you try to get all these ideas to know him better and enrich your lives.

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