Spiritual evolution

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Spiritual evolution

Spiritual evolution

Spiritual evolution

Spiritual evolution. It is to understand in the depths of our interior the reason for the divine laws, to understand them from a totally impartial point of view of how society is, its behavior, weakness, intention to do good … It is not up to us to judge and sentence to the world as it is, only the Creator has this power to do so, but we being apprentices of life, we can evolve spiritually, albeit in a slow way after several reincarnations.

We can not know everything in an incarnation, since there are issues that are forbidden to our intelligence because we would not understand them.

The process of our spiritual growth depends on several aspects, such as the number of reincarnations we have had, the tests that we have imposed and have taken them with good judgment and resignation.

All this will make us closer to the Creator, enjoying happiness and not being subject to the material world, such as suffering, disease, survival …

In short, to reach spirituality (in all its different degrees), is to be constant in this life, a divine law is the honest work for our subsistence and always have the hope that we are always protected by the divinity, the Creator and his Spirits High. If we ask, they will always listen to us and we will not talk about the present life, our life is all our eternity.

We at Candle Art are very aware of this fact and we have two candles that will help you to have an easier communication with your guides.

These are the Psychic Development Code 1.14 and the Mental Abrecaminos Code 10.09.

We hope you have awakened the reason for our earthly existence and never forget about hope and faith.



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