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SPIRITIST DOCTRINE. To speak of new things, it is obligatory to use new concepts.

Spiritism is the opposite of materialism, because it is the faith that there is something else after the body life.

It can be understood that Spiritism is based on the communication of the material world with the invisible beings that have left this world.

Some important points of Spiritism are:

-God is eternal, supernatural, immaterial, unique, almighty and totally just and pious.

“He is the creator of the whole universe and all the beings that inhabit it.

-The soul is an incarnated spirit from the invisible, whose body is its envelope to develop the material tests.

“Spirits are not all the same, they differ in wisdom, sovereignty and morality.

“The incarnation of spirits is always in man or woman, not in animals.

– The communications of the Invisibles with the men are continuous.

– The wise spirits of high morals, impel us to the good and help us in the tests of life, lightening the great burden of proof that we have to pass, with courage and resignation.

“The wicked incline us to evil, and are content to see us fail and to be unhappy like them.

The sublime morality and intelligence of the higher spirits is the reflection of Christ: To do to others what we would have others do for us. That is, doing good and not doing evil.

Perhaps this article deviates from the traditional ones, dedicated to candles made by us.

But what we do want to leave as a message is that we are based on the Spiritist doctrine as a philosophy of life and on the action and results of our candles.

If you are interested in this topic you can buy “The Book of Spirits”, by Allan Kardec, Editorial Humanitas.

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