Smoothes clashes and disputes

Smoothes clashes and disputes

Smoothes clashes and disputes

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Smoothes clashes and disputes

Smoothes clashes and disputes. This sail, better known as San Marcos de León, is designed to soften any type of tension that can occur between a group of people: family, friends, co-workers, etc …
Today almost everyone is very burdened due to innumerable obligations in our day to day. This causes patience to wear out sooner than normal and then conflict erupts. From time to time the fact that a conflict erupts is not very significant, the problem is when many conflicts erupt in a short time.

We must solve it so that our lives are harmonized as soon as possible. The lack of harmony and tensions can come in two very different ways: sometimes we provoke them ourselves, at other times they make us participants.

The sail of San Marcos is useful in the two previous assumptions. We will be able to soften confrontations and disputes when we light the candle. Sometimes confrontation is provoked by ourselves as we do not have the tools to manage our emotions and our way of dealing with life. Other times the people around us constantly throw us negativity generating toxic behaviors and toxic circumstances.

We must overcome these hostile situations. People with judicious behavior can get amazing results if they really know how to make proper use of the candle.
The smart thing is to avoid sterile confrontations. The sail of San Marcos will help us avoid unnecessary confrontations and for no practical purpose.
Envy and jealousy are great troublemakers. Before reaching an unsolvable conflict we will ask the intercession of San Marcos to request peace and tranquility.
Smoothing tensions and conflicts with the purpose of a life full of happiness and happiness. Envy, jealousy and great materialism too, hypocrisy (another evil endemic of our society.

This candle will help us to overcome great differences. By way of conclusion we can say that life is very short but at the same time very long and if we have great supports like the sail of San Marcos everything will be much easier and bearable. It is a candle very suitable for smoothing difficulties, taming people and sweetening distressing moments.

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