RITUAL Protects and helps during surgery

vela ritual

RITUAL Protects and helps during surgery

RITUAL Protects and helps during surgery


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  • Use: RITUAL Protects and helps during surgery.
  • Instructions included inside.
  • Composition:
    3 Candles herbals SAINT JUDE
    1 Plant extract oil
    1 box of incense
    3 aluminium containers
  • Size: 20 x 3.6 cm (3 candles)
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RITUAL Protects and helps during surgery

RITUAL Protects and helps during surgery. PROTECTION.

description: (instructions included inside)

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Candle Art is entirely dedicated to the creation of high-quality, handmade esoteric candles,

made from 100% beeswax with a mix of plants, roots and seeds. The herbal formulas have been

created specifically for each candle. Our high quality raw materials and their energetic

preparation have ensured that our candles obtain exceptionally positive and rapid results.

We have more than 300 varieties that touch on all of life’s situations, such as Energy Cleanse,

Open Roads, Luck, Distance Negative Relationships, Attract Positive Relationships, Love, Business,

Money, Employment, Exams, Studies, Protection… there is a description of and comments about each

of our products on our website.

Conditions d’utilisation

– Do not light near flammable materials.

– Keep out of reach of children and pets.

– For ideal use burn in an approximately 10 cm. diameter ceramic or metal holder.

– Light the candle when it is completely vertical and steady in the holder; it may be

necessary to file down the candle or cut off the excess at the candle base.

– Place the holder on the floor, insulated with a wooden board placed between the

floor and the candle holder. Watch continuously.

– Avoid drafts.

– Do not blow out the candle.

– Before lighting the candle, hold it between your hands, visualizing and asking for

what you wish to receive.

– Light the candle with a wooden matchstick, offering all of your FAITH and RESPECT.

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Weight 0.535 kg
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 5.5 cm
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