Salvia candle

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Salvia candle

Salvia candle

Salvia candle. The priests of ancient Rome like the American shamans knew this enigmatic plant. And his priests decided that if he was so complete in medicine; It could also be effective in all areas of life. The centuries have passed and their properties have remained immutable.

Sage has been widely used in the world of intellect, intuition and inner changes to achieve positive transmutations.

Salvia candle promotes wisdom and is used in money spells and to protect oneself from the evil eye. The smoke that emerges from the sage plant acts as an incense in energetic cleanings: businesses, houses, places and people with manifest negativity.

We make sage candles for express cleaning. For we know that passing them around people around and praying for them will be purified. The sage candle gives us energy when we must act with wisdom; At the vibrational level it is powerful and powerful. It can also give us discernment and mental clarity.

The sage candle will help us solve problems and conflicting circumstances and discover a truth or a lie, to act correctly. The sage candle is used to successfully overcome difficulties and away mishaps and accidents. Do not hesitate to light the salvia candle when we need to perform more at work or in studies.

It is a magnificent tool to have the psychic faculties of the whole expanded. Protects, purifies and promotes the entry of money.

In short, the sage candle:

-Power the wisdom in rituals.

-Optimum results in jobs and studies.

-Power concentration and memory.

Pathfinder to achieve wishes.

– Motivate people to strengthen their self-confidence.

The sage candle is in Candle Art so that you shine and stand out with iron will and self-determination.

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