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SALT CANDLE Candle Art provides in all its esoteric variants an extraordinary power to combat the works of black magic.

Which can make us people who want us wrong, either by envy, jealousy, curses, evil eye or want to get power to us. These works can also be performed by sorcerers who practice black magic.

We have several types of salt candles, always for each type of situation to fight, they carry a combination of plants and the main element is the coarse sea salt, the body of the salt candle is pure virgin wax or beeswax.

A salt candle ritual clears and purifies the negative energy, caused by the evil spirits that roam around us and take over our minds in moments of energetic weakness.

The use of salt in magic is very old, it was already used in Roman times and in most cultures, in Catholic baptisms anoints newborns with salt to scare away the spirits of the lower astral.

In our company we manufacture 5 models of different salt candles for each case, the only thing that differentiates them are the plants and the color of each one to obtain the adequate result, the coarse sea salt is present in all of them.

The use of salt candle in magic is very diverse and effective, effective for our protection, to make a good energetic cleaning for us and our environment, to undo curses …

To know what kind of salt candle is appropriate, visit our website and you will find a very complete commentary on them.

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