Saint John ritual

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Saint John ritual

Saint John ritual

Saint John ritual. The summer solstice is a very important date for the peoples of the Mediterranean.

The celebrations of the night of San Juan collect customs and rituals from pre-Christian times; people appreciated the harvests and the arrival of summer. Currently the San Juan Ritual (code H-6) is celebrated throughout Europe. Since antiquity is believed in the magical component of this night.

Fire, water and bonfires are the protagonists. The collective imagination believes that these practices will free them from misfortune and negativity throughout the year.

On this night the fireworks acquire magic and exoticism. The element of water, the sea with its waves, bathing tonight will impregnate us with positive magnetism.

The fires are the main thing for the purification and renewal of fire. Jumping over several consecutive times will protect us and prosper the rest of the year. The San Juan Ritual with candles, are very popular and traditional fire element.

Candle Art has produced a wide range of rituals for tonight. These are boxes that have three candles and accessories, as well as instructions for use. We have approximately fifty references. Everyone will find yours. You can also use loose candles and other combinations. Candle Art, always very present in magic and esotericism gives you the possibility of a unique San Juan Ritual for your dreams to be fulfilled in such an enigmatic night. Our rituals will bring you the strength and the renewing and transmuting power of the fire to open the doors to a new stage already with an optimistic and promising horizon.

That hope of absolute renewal with the Ritual of San Juan allows us to begin strengthened and renewed. Fire, water and earth combine in one night with a strong magical component and people await it with hope. The rituals of San Juan de Candle Art, burn everything we do not want and practice as a liberating act of the past and the negative of the year.

You have them available in our online store.

Happy Verbena and Prospero Ritual.


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