Saint George candle

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Saint George candle

Saint George candle

Saint George candle

Saint George candle Abrecaminos. There are blockages in our life that sometimes we do not understand. By many different means that we put, to change our course and by much effort in our personal effort that we contribute, we see that the situation does not change in our favor.

The magic, however many detractors it has, can always help us (with faith, sincerity and respect). There is a Vela San Jorge Abrecaminos very specially to change the rhythm of our life.

Keep the beings around us away that harm our day to day and rejoice in our misfortunes; and on the contrary, they bring us closer to the superior spirits to help us in our well-being, our decisions and to approach happiness as much as possible.

Saint Jorge candle Abrecaminos, will also help you eliminate obstacles that prevent you from realizing your dreams, avoiding failure, as it is hard to overcome. Cuts and distances people who, because of their negative influence, harm your person.

He is patron of the United Kingdom, Catalonia and Aragon. In England it is the most important day, after Christmas and a day of national pride.

Saint George candle Abrecaminos is composed of beeswax with a mixture of plants for its purpose. Also with three colors, the natural for spiritual peace and tranquility, the red to give us strength in the commitment of the petition and the green, for both physical and mental balance, this color is indicated to help us heal diseases, also for promote fertility and wealth, both physical and economic.

Saint George candle Opener, is within the group of protection candles and attraction of good luck, are similar to the candle of the short-luck code 1.03 and the sail of three powers code 1.23.

Its use is usually at least once a month, although for a specific problem or as a preventive it is usually used every week, always on Thursdays.

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