Rosemary candle

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Rosemary candle

Rosemary candle

Rosemary candle Good rosemary, holy rosemary, let the bad come out and let the good come in! Who will not have heard this saying so popular and so old. Well, it is “good and holy”. Rosemary has been used since ancient times and our ancestors were able to decipher specific qualities and their applications. Thing well known by Candleart.

In the esoteric plane and always well used rosemary candle, brings great benefits as long as we are able to orient it positively. The esoteric properties of the rosemary candle range from cleanings in the home, personal energies, rituals of love, prosperity, fortune, money, purification, good luck …

The application of the plants to the candles is a very practical and very healthy association so that the places remain purified and clean for much longer.

The rosemary candle, draws negative energies and bad vibrations. That is to say everything that depresses us or when we drag a lot of misfortune or bad luck. There are countless rituals to promote good fortune like lighting the rosemary candle, for peace and harmony in the home.

The magical characteristics of rosemary are ancestral, in white magic, the world in which Candleart unfolds completely, this candle will bring fidelity and happiness to the marriage and will neutralize the evil eye and envy. In metaphysics this candle is ideal in exorcisms, to protect and be stronger energetically.

Many mediums use this candle to practice clairvoyance: Transmute souls and other elements, as well as deeper visions. Magically it is used for every positive objective. The rosemary candle magnetizes the aura to be treated with kindness and correction.

Well, these are some of the most representative attributes and examples, and to end another popular saying: “Of the virtues of rosemary, a whole book could be made”.

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