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Ritualized candles



Ritualized candles have nothing to do with those that are not, as we can find in any trade, regardless of its shape and color.

The ritualized candles, to obtain their purposes, are elaborated with noble elements, such as essences, plants, beeswax and the determined color. And the most important thing is to ritualize it or magnetize it, there are many different ways of doing it. For example place the candle inside a well-oriented pyramid, leave it to sun and moon a few days during a certain moon phase and endless ways to do it.

But the most important thing is the psychic force that the seer or sorcerer brings to obtain a maximum result on the request.

In our company we work with optimal raw materials, pure beeswax, herbal combination (over 40 plants with different formulas in each candle for your purposes, the bath is made with natural dyes.

The ritualized candles are made in a very traditional way, we make them by hand one by one, there is none that is the same, since we do not have any type of injection mold or any type of machinery.

The ritualization is done one by one and always taking into account the purpose for each type of candle. The ritualized candles as a final point, we make them by putting our 5 senses with our usual mental strength, until the moment after 24 years of experience, we can guarantee excellent results.



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