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RENTABILIZE BUSINESS WITH CANDLE ART CANDLES. A few years ago a tremendous economic crisis, settled in our country (perhaps one of the largest). Taking ahead the business of many citizens and with them their only way to make a living.

The small commerce and small business of our country, is essentially important so that the government can finance important social services. And we must have faith that this crisis will end soon, because it seems that we have already hit bottom. In the same way it is dilating much in time and space.

Dreams, illusions and hopes will be better protected by candlelight CANDLE ART.

This sail is specially designed to protect mainly the economic activity of your business or your company. It is usually used mainly to overcome the potholes or the pauses of activity that are taking place in the current moments and to be able to profit the businesses to the maximum.

This candle fulfills an important function, since through it we can neutralize all the detrimental that is lurking deeply to our business.


This candle can be placed either alone or combined with others that perfectly complement this situation. We are referring to the sail of Abrecaminos and the candle of Money.

The procedure of the ritual can be elaborated in two ways. The first option is to put a candle on Business for three consecutive Thursdays (remember that the odd number is the one that has the most force in esotericism). Simply asking that our business have an increase in work activity.

The second procedure is much more elaborate and effective. The sail of Abrecaminos is to clean and prepare the terrain and propitiate in a special way that we come good situations. This candle we will put on a Thursday, we booked the Business for the following Friday, asking for what we have indicated before. And on Saturday we will use it to place a candle of Money and to demand that we have a real monetary increase.

It is very common to put a lot of dedication to our work and not always obtain a monetary income directly proportional to our efforts. Which can lead us to a situation of significant frustration and get bored our business.

Combining Candleart candles between them is a magnificent esoteric practice, which perfectly complements situations and issues that we have not taken into account beforehand.

RENTABILIZE BUSINESS. This ritual fulfills perfectly with the principles of reason and logic. If monetary income increases, it is because there has been an increase in labor activity and that increase comes from the opening of roads and even to ward off bad luck itself.

It is a very simple but very complete and effective ritual for our business to encroach and maximize profits. And is that in these times the external but small help can be tremendously effective. And that’s what Candleart intends.

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