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RELIEVE PAINS WITH A CANDLE. The life of the human being is getting longer and longer because the advances in the world of medicine, surgery and science in general is advancing by leaps and bounds. And the treatments are faster and more effective. Hence the life expectancy in the population pyramids of the developed countries, have raised the numbers greatly.

As we add years to our biological counter, the greater the wear and loss of energy and vitality. It depends on the life we ​​have had, (very important factor in the health issue), we will suffer more or less wear and tear.

One of the most sensitive parts to this wear is usually the human skeleton and its complements: tendons, cartilage, joints …

In our country, for example, we have a population that is very old, with almost no generational change. And because of the historical, social and contemporary context of our elders: excessive work to alleviate the ravages of war and post-war conflict; Have had to work very hard to get ahead.

Logically in these cases, the great wear of the body in general and the skeleton in particular, have been strongly accused. Moreover, this population segment manifests itself to suffer all kinds of pathologies related to the locomotor apparatus: rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis, inflammation, pain …

Apart from materially lived, there is a very latent spiritual sector through emotions and feelings. Let’s cite some examples:

-Reumatism: Resentment, victimhood, lack of love, deep sadness.

-Arthrosis: Feeling of exploitation, intense pain accumulated over time.

Pain: Feeling guilty for something that happened in the past

The candle Candle Art Rheumatism-Pain-Osteo, will help you to understand and overcome this type of ailments. Among its many functions, we can help reduce the rate of uric acid (crystallization of urea in joints), which produce intense pain. It is also indicated as anti-inflammatory, when tissues and muscles are at the edge of their abilities.

And finally we can say that it is fantastic to relieve the pain significantly.

Candle Art, presents you this candle, as a support to support us when the diseases described above; Be at their peak and need extra help.

This candle we present in deep blue, to bring us tranquility and serenity.

And also in pink so that we feel comforted and surrounded by affection and love when we feel bad and lacking in comfort. When the ailments stalk you, you know sailing

Rheumatism-Pain-Arthrosis of Candle Art. More candles of healing in


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