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REASSURE DISPUTES AND CONFLICT SITUATIONS IN THE HOME. Run times of uncertainty and unease. Today’s society, the increasing degree and competitiveness and demand, makes us live a permanent spiral of stress and see ourselves overwhelmed by responsibilities and obligations. All this ends up generating a strong discomfort that crosses many areas of our daily lives.

There are people who manage better than others the rigors of life. Most download frustration, anger, anger or bad mood with the individual who is closest. In the proximity are our family and how no !, the direct target are usually those who live under our roof, our husband / wife and sons / daughters or our own partner. And all these nerves, conflict and uncertainty flowing filter our home, our refuge. It is easy to constant friction with other members of our house occur. Then tap “appease and reassure disputes and conflicts in the home”; where just ending our more negative energy. But our home and family are the best team in our life and why should that be always together.

There are no perfect families, but we have two powerful tools, forgiveness and above all love. But sometimes it is not enough to appease the quarrels at home. We can then use candle magic Saint Mark de Leon, this iconic figure for all that is calm, soothe, harmonize, confrontations and disputes not positive for coexistence. We can say that San Marcos lion is excellent to mediate any conflict situation in which several people involved see in a social, family, work environment, etc … where necessary restore balance and harmony as many times as necessary: a co-worker, family member, neighbor and any person or circumstance that press us. So when we want to appease any dispute or appease disputes in the home; (The most common) CANDLE ART offers you the possibility to acquire the E-4 pack. Saint Mark de León will take care of bringing you peace and tranquility to your nest and make it a haven of peace and wellbeing. Will breathe a sigh of relief, I see. You have the opportunity to acquire the pack A-2 REASSURE DISPUTES AND CONFLICT SITUATIONS IN THE HOME, comprising: Three candles herbóreos Saint Mark, one plant extract oil, 1 box of incense and 3 aluminum containers. In case you do not like it or not or not ye may be able to purchase the pack candles also have medium Saint Mark request (20 x 5 cm in diameter), in red and natural wax. You can also bring you peace of mind, helping you to discern the best solution to your problems take note: Saint Mark de León is a good mediator and a good counselor.

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