Protect the mind from uncertainties

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Protect the mind

Protect the mind from uncertainties

Protect the mind from uncertainties

Protect the mind from uncertainties. There are many ways to psychologically protect our mind and the physical consequence it entails. They are very simple and cheap, also very sophisticated.

Whatever the way to do it, we have to do it with the utmost attention, faith, respect and reach the end.

A very simple method is to put a glass on a plate, fill half of water and this amount of water, add half of coarse salt (not dissolve). Put this dish, the glass, water and salt under the bed, at the height of the head.

In normal days of your life, you will not see any paranormal effect, after a few days, with any major mishap we have, the salt will rise upwards, overflowing the edge of the glass, reached this end, remove the glass and repeat the same operation at the beginning.

This ritual creates a magnetic field of protection to the person, especially at night when we sleep, because in the hours of rest our psyche is low of defenses.

There are also other effective methods like Candle Art candles from beeswax with plants.

We have a wide variety of candles to protect us and change our situations, they are very effective and we can attest to that.

When we come to this world, we carry our initial destiny (to go through all the trials we have to endure), but what is true is that if we do not make decisions to fix our situation in life (our free will), we do not we will improve spiritually.

Fate is only revealed to man at the last moment of his life.

If you have any doubts about this, we will be happy to inform you.



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