Post-vacation crisis

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Post-vacation crisis

Post-vacation crisis

Post-vacation crisis

Post-vacation crisis. We all look forward to the summer holidays to enjoy and disconnect from the work routine and the personal obligations of ourselves and our family.

They are days of happiness and harmony that seem to never end, everything is different: schedules, meals, fun …

As the days pass, we see the end in our particular paradise, until the day comes to pack up and go back to our daily routine.

If our daily life is placid or fruitful we will not notice the disorder of the return to the everyday. But if our life is rather unhappy and we do not feel fulfilled with it, it is normal to have a feeling of frustration, when changing from a pleasant environment to another, plagued with obligations and responsibilities.

Unfortunately not everyone has the same predisposition and willpower to do everything we do not like to do.

It is then that we can choose two paths:

-1º Resign ourselves with optimism and think that other holidays will come.

-2º Do not assimilate and resist the new stage. Logically the 1º is the most practical and intelligent, but if we do not have the willpower to leave this zone of comfort, is when we need an extra help.

It is then that Candleart, manufacturer of herbal candles, can offer you an alternative to overcome this post-holiday crisis.

We have different candles to overcome your particular situation:

-If you are attacked by sadness, melancholy and low mood, we have the candle of DEPRESSION Cod. 2.24.

-If you are out of place in your daily environment, and you do not accept change, the candle will help you to assimilate the situation.

-In contrast, if you are in a nervous state, unable to sleep and with anxiety problems, we have the candle of NERVOUS Cod. 2.03 and that of INSOMNIO Cod. 2.10.

The result will notice immediately.


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