Pomba Gira candle healthy sex

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Pomba Gira candle

Pomba Gira candle healthy sex

Pomba Gira candle healthy sex

Pomba Gira candle healthy sex. In a couple, sexual relationships can become monotonous over time, it is a repetitive ritual in which the time of encounters, movements and times are the same.

In a sexual encounter the first or several times with the same person, you have to improvise, provoke different actions, create fantasy and take good care of the preliminaries; so that they are surprise and fully satisfactory for the couple.

Sex is a very important practice in life. With passion and love it makes us be well-blended with our partner, making our life more pleasant and optimistic.

In many occasions we speak more and with sincerity practicing sex than living in the tasks of each day. Many promises and future plans have been signed in a bed in a state of loving exaltation.

We at Candle Art want to offer you the Healthy Sex Candle of Pomba Gira, it is a ritual that provokes us the desire to practice sex with our partner and takes away the possible complexes, fears of failure, in order to find ourselves with a full satisfaction, dominating the situation, knowing in advance that everything will be fine.

The Candle Sex Healthy Pomba Gira influences in our mind the desire to satisfy the maximum pleasure to our partner or our partner, more than ourselves, so that the relationship is not broken over time, by monotony and boredom (said previously).

The result is very remarkable, as it is a candle with very noble materials and ritualized, we can also ask the question, what is better a candle or have a person next to us as an accomplice for life ?.

This ritual is preferable that you do it on a Tuesday or a Friday, always before the love meeting.

The Healthy Sex Candle of Pomba Gira is served in two versions, one larger than the other Pomba Gira code 1.19 and Attraction Love and Sex code 10.05.

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