Plants candles herbalist Mediterranean area

Plants candles, herbalist Mediterranean area

Plants candles herbalist Mediterranean area

Plants candles herbalist Mediterranean area

Plants candles herbalist Mediterranean area. The planet Earth from the plant kingdom are very old the greatest ever known herbalist: plants, herbs, bark, roots and seeds, etc …

By testing technique – Error mankind has been able to discern which were beneficial and which had to be discarded. Times have evolved and herbórea culture with them. For centuries plants have been the main pantry and raw materials for pharmaceutical laboratories. And now many drugs are made from a natural substance. Rarely it is possible to manufacture a remedy from purely synthetic elements. Phytotherapy is widespread in our society and certainly enjoys very good health. Candle art, and also he wanted to innovate and years we produce candles with plants. We have candles with one level: Ruda, Thyme, Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, Rose, etc …

Because there are people who prefer to work with one level and manifesting affinity with any of them. For those who prefer something more elaborate, we have candles herbóreos plants or candles. So we’ve turned to the Mediterranean Herbalist, widely recognized for its quality and variety. Each plant is not an island unto itself, they complement each other. Each candle contains approximately forty plants. Neither of these combinations is repeated in the more than 323 references we have now. Plants can be used at material level: take an infusion when we feel bad; acting on our physical body. Another application is on a spiritual level. To do this we must consider; all plants; They possess the energy and vibration of planet Earth when we turn with faith and wooden matches.

Through fire as a conduit; vibrate in the ethereal or spiritual plane as an element of the planet’s energy. By releasing these energies and vibrations we get those properties which we want to benefit in the mental plane. The herbóreos candles are another application of plants to the everyday problems of modern man. Visit our website find it entertaining and interesting.


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