Phallus candle

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Phallus candle

Phallus candle

Phallus candle is used in effective white magic to enhance a man’s sexual desire, try to eliminate problems such as impotence, premature ejaculation and others, it is also used to stop someone from wanting to someone and away.

Depending on the objective we want to achieve, we will use one color or another. The most used are red, white and black. It is important that before using the candle phallus, we have clear the objective, since sometimes it is used erroneously in rituals “of eternal love”, however its use is only indicated to perform “effective sexual ties”.

These works of sexual mooring, should preferably be performed at night since for this work the desire and sexual attraction, the night offers greater energetic forces.

Using the strength of the crescent moon and the magic of Tuesday and Friday will enhance it. If the phallus candle is used, to try to solve some sexual problem of the man, we will take into account that it is not about any medical treatment; only energetic movements and requests to solve a situation that in the majority of cases is hindered by worries, anxiety, stress and insecurities.

So with the candle phallus, we can eliminate all these blockages and enhance the good functioning and sexual desire.

It should be clarified that, as in other white magic rituals, none of these spells with the phallus candle cause any kind of side effect.

In Candle Art we have them in three versions. The red phallus candle is used in sexual mooring rituals and livid enhancer, the black one to block sex relations so that it is neutralized and the beeswax candle (white color); It is a wild card for any request related to sex.

With this selection of phallus-shaped candles we can greatly improve your intimate relationships. May the magic of sex and love always accompany you!

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