Peace and tranquility for your life

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Peace and tranquility

Peace and tranquility for your life

Peace and tranquility for your life

Peace and tranquility. The contemporary world that we live in this moment, has become a vertiginous race of obstacles.

Competitiveness and excellence in all sectors gives us no respite and we are in a state of constant alert. Striving to be the best in all areas, has become a model of survival. When we inwardly lose our spiritual calm, we enter into nervousness. This is a response of the organism to the unknown.
A person who suffers from nervousness may manifest: hand tremor, excessive sweating, tachycardia, anxiety, insecurity, fear and lack of concentration.
We can also suffer from fear, hopelessness and distrust.


Candles of Candle Art Nerves, quench nervous excitement. They dissipate fear, reduce anxiety and force us to make the effort lighter. And most importantly, they will protect us from precipitation and give us confidence in the process of life.
It is blue in its entirety. A cold color that gives us temperance and stability inside.
Nervousness can lead to many disorders and when associated with other symptoms, it is very important that we go to the doctor.
Relaxation techniques are recommended, practicing sports, taking care of sleep and trying to relieve tension and stress.
We can help entertaining activities that distract us: walking, running, swimming, taking a bike ride, massages … And of course !, take a relaxing bath while we stare with a blue candle of Nerves Candle Art and try with that visualization Dispel all that oppresses us.


Especially with the candles of Nervios. Nerves represent communication and knowledge, both materially and spiritually. They are informers of what is happening around us and receptors of the reality that surrounds us at all times.
And when we are highly disturbed, they usually represent incommunication (a bad endemic of today’s society), and of course lack of receptivity: very important to capture indicated elements.

A calm and relaxed person is closer to happiness and harmony. And therefore it is easier to make optimal decisions for her and the environment.
A few years ago emotional intelligence burst into our lives: it taught us how to manage our emotions and find the right solutions.
The nervousness is also directly related to a great fear and distrust in the future and to the tests that this one can come to us. The absolute truth about what is going to happen to us, we do not know. No one can obtain a certainty of all revealing.
But we are able to choose powerful and useful tools; (Candles of Candle Art Nerves), we will be able to trust in a more pleasant destination.

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