Parsley candle

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Parsley candle

Parsley candle

Parsley candle The parsley has been very popular and original from the south of the East, it has been surrounded by a halo of mystery, it takes a long time to germinate. In ancient Greece parsley was a plant that assured triumph and success, and in ancient Rome the gladiators carried it in combat: it infused them with cunning and strength.

Catholicism offered it to San Pancrazio to take care of our business and our money.

It has great versatility against bad luck, negative influences, enemies and black magic. Faced with a livid drop gives us sexual vitality.

The Parsley Candle will be very useful when a person wants their projects to materialize and when their home is full of negativity. Use this candle so that prosperity and luck make their triumphal entry into your home.

It gives us protection so that harmony and understanding reign in the family environment. The most important attribute of the Parsley Candle will be achieved by those individuals who are very overwhelmed by life circumstances, will give them the courage to fight against adversity and impose themselves on it.

It will help us not to give up easily. In the labor market the Vela Perejil promotes promotions and promotions, which is why it is related to increases in salary and productivity. It attracts good luck in business and money issues. Envy and the evil eye will also be at bay with the Parsley Candle.

It also possesses a property as useful as it is really curious: it prevents drunkenness, young people will arrive home sober if we have the precaution of putting the Parsley Candle before leaving.

The Parsley Candle will give us courage and strength in the most critical moments of our existence. Power love in the couple and is a great purifier of the home and ourselves.

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