Move away the enemies

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Move away the enemies

Move away the enemies

Move away the enemies

Move away the enemies. Cipriano is a saint of the 3rd century born in Antioch. Of rich, distinguished and idolatrous origin, he went from being a black magician to a bishop and martyr of the Catholic Church; Convinced that the power of God was the greatest that existed. In this way he denied paganism and converted to Christianity. St. Cipriano is a saint known for his extraordinary strength of protection and is asked for concrete and firm help for a problem. Because many times we despair of having to make a decision or a pressing need.

He is the forerunner of great magicians and a man of extensive wisdom. He practiced white magic (already in his conversion) and began to perform miracles.
It can help neutralize or counter attacks on the psyche by improving the energy of the environment. It is the pattern of white magic as it performed prayers and spells with charitable purposes invoking God. His magical arts were enriched with his travels: Egypt, India, Carthage and Greece.

Because of this extraordinary conversion of self transmutation from evil to good; San Cipriano is a fantastic ally to ward off enemies that can damage us.

The criticisms that can so much slander can also be silenced or silenced by the saint

People who do not bring anything good to our home or our domains, demanding that St. Cyprian not come back, will go away for a long season (even forever).
Envy and jealousy are endemic evils that roam freely around the planet and the contemporary world in which we live. These negative feelings can complicate our lives a lot, damaging projects and initiatives. If we ask, it will overwhelm harmful emotions and neutralize the dire consequences.

And is that St. Cyprian is the ideal saint to cut all sorts of spiritual disturbances and black magic very fashionable in the contemporary world.
This in Candle Art we know it well, for that reason we have created a candle of San Cipriano with many attributes indicated for:

– Safe travels.
-Protection of the presidios.
-neutralizing the evil that stalks us.
-those of undesirable neighbors.
-homeless people.
-protection against natural catastrophes.

When you use the candle of St. Cyprian, we recommend you to have a very positive and very clear mind so that the prayer channels the maximum energy towards it.
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