Love is not easy to find

Love is not easy to find

Love is not easy to find

Love is not easy to find

Love is not easy to find. When we are in a teenage or young age, we do not give much importance to love, we think that we have much life ahead to enjoy our friendships (serious or not so much). We begin with our feelings and sexual experiences and when it seems propitious (sooner or later), we decided to establish a relationship with another person. Unfortunately it is a shame that there are so many separations and if there are even worse children.

I wanted to advise you on some aspects to preserve the relationship, even if I am not master of this subject, if I have enough experience. At first it’s very fun and new, (if the economy goes well) we do not have many responsibilities. It is when over the years we want to have more incentives in life, such as having children, demonstrate to others our economic level, get into more fixed expenses that we may not be able to cope, in the future for job stability or other mishaps.

Life can take away a lot of things, you and your partner have to be clearly aware that there are things that are more valuable than gold and that no one can take away: The feeling you both have, share the sorrows and joys, plan the future …

We do not really realize these important foundations until we reach old age and its loneliness.

Pride is the main basis of a separation, wanting to be more one than the other, domination, not participating in the responsibilities of the home. Sex is very important, I should say, but also the love and feeling towards our best confidant.

To help you in these moments of crisis, we at Candle Art have some candles to solve each situation. The candle of Love Cod. 1.05 when we noticed a certain detachment. Pomba Gira Cod. 1.19 to increase the lack of passion that we need and finally 2 candles of Honey united to each other, to solve very serious situations (we would explain to you how you would have to do it).

For any doubt you have, contact us and we will advise you in the best way possible. 



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