Keep away people who do not suit you

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Keep away people

Keep away people who do not suit you

Keep away people who do not suit you

Keep away people who do not suit you. Alejo was the son of a wealthy Roman senator. His parents instilled him from a small good with the example that good deeds can open “the gates of heaven”. Alejo from his childhood practiced charity, (he distributed money among the poor). One day his father arranged a marriage with a rich girl, whom he did not love. Disguised as a beggar he fled from his home and decided to spend the rest of his life in the service of God. The flight of the home of his parents was a total success and resounding; As he walked away from them forever.

It is for this reason that he is invoked in all matters in which the decision to remove or take the greatest possible distance from things, situations or people that do not agree at all.

This candle is for people who are envious, harmful and malicious to us.

It is also indicated to drive people we do not want around us and when it is beneficial for our own interest. It is an effective talisman to cleanse the negative energy that certain people leave when leaving our home.

It will also remove a heavy boyfriend who will not let us go our way or even a troublesome neighbor. It can be used for both us and a loved one they are bothering.

Since we can not interfere with anyone’s free will, we will simply distance ourselves to ward off negative influences. And that influence does not condition anyone’s life and can not do more harm.

It is also ideal for neutralizing the restlessness, restlessness and nervousness that certain individuals cause when they are at our side.

Sometimes we do not know who or what to use to solve a problem as important as this in our lives.

And a “wise and powerful candle like Candle Art can solve the conflict radically. The purpose is to leave no sequels to any of the parties involved.

The lilac color of the candle transmutes the relationship that can be established between two people; With incompatibility of characters in a situation of mutual indifference. This means a satisfactory resolution of the conflict.

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