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INCREASE YOUR PSYCHIC POWER. All human beings, throughout our life, we can be very valid and very useful before the task that is entrusted to us and to show an impressive mental clearance.

But sometimes, everyday problems, great tests of life and other complicated situations, can cause us to become completely saturated mentally.
This candle is very well-known at esoteric level like “ray of force”, very impressive at psychological level. We will simply tell you that it is a further tool to develop
To the maximum our mental capacities.

It is very important to always be well clear on the mental level, since it is what will determine a correct error. We like to define him as a mental champion. The candle will soothe our heart and our mind to attract peace and peace of mind. We will then carry out an effective and profitable meditation.
Help us reach our goals from the most real point possible. It is a candle that maximizes one of the greatest qualities we can possess in the spiritual world: intuition. This will help us not to be invaded by false chimeras, which can only lead to disaster. Perspective of life very unflattering.
It is also a candle designed to give us access to the spiritual world.

Since clairvoyance is not a faculty that we can open and close at will; This candle will help us in those moments. And it will also help us to attain an elevation in the spiritual world; To evolve steps upwards to better contemplate what is under us and around us.

INCREASE YOUR PSYCHIC POWER. When we want to initiate sessions of spiritism to communicate with the afterlife and do not see very clearly that we can do it successfully. The candle can become the perfect key to scale to a new dimension. At the same time it is a great ally to quiet our
Mind and our soul when we are especially nervous and upset. In short, this candle is primarily aimed at managing our way of thinking, actions that have a consequence on the astral plane and our mind in a profitable and effective way. Another little known and little explored side of this candle is that we can use it to achieve satisfactory results in all kinds of studies that we want to realize.

And all that intellectual activity where concentration, memory and reasoning are very necessary and that these are at a high point to achieve our mission.
It should be noted that the candle will not do all the work for us. For our part we will put effort, effort and sacrifice, logically. The candle will become the push, tool or trampoline that supposes that great help that comes from the high spheres to help us in our vital mission. And be materialized in a way beneficial and satisfying for all of us. The colors have also been designed for this purpose.

The red in its upper base is thought to give us thrust and energy and from the half down is yellow, also a color of strength, energy and intelligence.
As you can see is a candle with some very interesting features.

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