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Impose to those who oppress you

Impose to those who oppress you

Impose to those who oppress you

Impose to those who oppress you. The present society is rarefied and highly altered. Just watch the media: television, radio, internet. The powerful dominate the world scene and simple people abide consequences and injustices. The Dominant Spirit candle is highly demanded because people are very sick of those who impose their will, simply because they enjoy more advantageous circumstances. When this affects us we can choose to: shut up and submit (even if it involves a great wear and tear) or face the situation with courage and determination. We must be sure that our cause is just so that the candle supports us to the maximum, unmasking hypocrisies and appearances.

Much negativity is produced by people who manifest a theory that does not correspond to practice. These people are worth absolutely nothing because they lack criteria and personality. They only bring imbalance and instability. And we can never be sure of their dark intentions. At this point, the candle will bring you confidence, courage and spiritual strength. The oppressor is rendered unusable and rendered useless and ridiculed because the truth emerges with great splendor. The one who dominates happens to be dominated and the one who oppresses is neutralized.

The Dominant Spirit candle will open our eyes to reality. WE NEVER FORGET THAT THE HAND THAT MOCKS THE COT IS THE HAND THAT DOMINATES THE WORLD. And that domain in search of truth and justice we can achieve with this candle. Do not exhaust useless possibilities that only lead to catastrophe. This candle constitutes a powerful ally to impose on those who oppress us with great self-determination on our part. Its attractive combination of red and natural colors will do the rest.

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