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HELP LEGAL AFFAIRS AND JUDGMENTS bureaucratic. HELP IN TRIALS legal and bureaucratic matters. Today, all and we live in a European, and free country with a strongly established democracy; Justice is not always perfect or all wise. Justice is always symbolically represented by the figure of a woman holding a scale and with eyes tightly bandaged. In theory this is all very nice and extremely educational but in practice and in reality things are walk otherwise. Certainly there are many laws, yeah!, And almost all of them willing to regulate the order of our behavior, coexistence and to our approach to the otherwise ordered, correct and positive life. Either to ourselves or to others. Often we see that justice sometimes take decisions that are beyond our reasoning or basic understanding of what is just or unjust.

This usually happens because despite having many laws, decrees, rules, etc … sometimes situations arise in daily life for which there is no legal protection. This is mainly because between standard and norm occur loopholes. Frequently situations is not regulated by law and sometimes abandoned the criterion of chance, luck, fate or circumstances. That is when human bereaved, we find no support in earthly justice, look in another direction. Often little “orthodox” or unconventional for today’s society, but extremely effective: Divine Justice.

In CANDLE ART, we are very aware of this and therefore we use our own tools, which are the candles. Within that broad our world that are the sails; It is a specifically effective. Sail St. Jude: specially designed for cases / urgent and difficult requests quite simply can not be expected to “leave the trial” or “hearing date”. Sometimes life, fate, and especially the injustices are pressing. And our heart is afflicted by the scourge of injustice.

HELP LEGAL AFFAIRS. This source of many ills of today’s society. Divine Justice is always there and so CANDLE ART has created a ritual candle in pack: HELP IN TRIAL MATTERS legal and bureaucratic. Within this pack we find the star candle, San Judas Tadeo (for urgent and difficult very specific requests) supported by two candles with complementary. The candle of Justice, which ordered that divine justice give us a change of destination and of injustices suffered Pathfinder luck, candle sow the right path towards the light and true justice. This ritual has already used its oil plants and of course with incense chosen for this purpose. All this let’s not forget, under the patronage of St. Jude Candle (Santo very active and indifferent to these issues). When we meet in a hurry which involved legal, bureaucratic or legal nature matters; pack ritual in reference D-8, can help significantly in achieving our goals.

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