HELP AGAINST DISSEMINATION. All of us, at one time or another in our life, we go through stages in which we lower our defenses on the psychic level, this is normal since not all situations in life are as we want.

When we see that our inner strength weakens and we arrive at a state of desidia in which everything matters to us very little, we recommend that you use our sail of FORCE, code 1.13, always have to light in a Tuesday and if it can be better at dusk, Is red, a sign of the planet Mars and fire element and like all our candles, a composition of plants to enhance our fighting spirit like thyme, poleo, juniper … up to a total of 30 plants. All of them are designed as we have said before to help us become fighters in life. It can also be used to increase strength and effectiveness when doing a ritual, to achieve any goal.

This red candle of strength will give an extra boost to the others to achieve an effective result. It is also indicated the sail of force in the love passion and the sex, obtaining satisfactory and lasting relations, especially in the man, reaching a full satisfaction in the pair. We recommend that this candle by its composition and red color, not to use it in children, since these, being by nature active and moved, we can over-power the nervous system; Which are already high in themselves; Being counterproductive in most cases.

This candle is ritualized, but it’s all right for you to put some of your father. When using the candle, which will be one or two days before the event you have, take the candle with both hands and project an image of yourselves, contemplating how you want it to be the result.

If it is weakness or unwilling to imagine the next day to light the candle with much energy and dynamism with the desire to fulfill all your daily commitments and thus the following days.

If it is to reinforce a ritual, the same, imagine that this candle distributes all its energy over the others and visualize its materialized result for a good sexual encounter.

HELP AGAINST DISSEMINATION. Ritalize the candle one day before the meeting and turn it on a Tuesday and if the meeting is on a much better Tuesday. The relationship will be sweet, passionate and lasting. To the extent that you will not recognize your partner or you will miss the new attitude enough.

In CANDLE ART we make our candles with a specific objective, to help fulfill the wishes and needs of all who come for help. You will always have it unconditionally.

Within our variety of candles with their different purposes, being very unique candles you will always find a different solution to the problem you drag, whatever it is.

Sometimes faith and hope is exhausted and does not let us see the change towards light. Enter our website:, we assure you that you will find it interesting. For any kind of information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.


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