Healing through the balance of the spirit

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Healing through the balance

Healing through the balance of the spirit

Healing through the balance of the spirit

Healing through the balance of the spirit. Candle Art, has the satisfaction of having been the first company in the sector; In creating a line of healing candles. That’s 25 years ago. They were created under the philosophy that the diseases we suffer on the physical plane can be overcome in the metaphysical sphere.

They were also created for therapists of the alternative sector in general: yoga, reiki, massage, etc …

They are a set of 27 herb healing candles

Like the petitions, they carry the beeswax, the herbal compositions and their vegetal dyes.

Plants are an element of Nature that vibrate energetically like all elements of planet Earth (since it is a living being). We have incorporated them into beeswax, which is the greatest and most effective conductor of energies to connect with the spiritual world. We can get the vibrational energy through the plants and herbs through the fire element.

We also want to make it very clear that these candles are an aid, always as a complement to any conventional medical treatment, against the ailments for which they have been specially designed. And always without abandoning traditional medicine – conventional; That is to say the Scientific Medicine.

So when we are passing a disease, we have been victims of an accident or have a health trip of any kind; These candles will help us create a spacious space of comfort. In other words, we are going to look for “quality of life”. Qualities are very necessary to give us patience and serenity.

And most important, help us prepare the mental ground to take with us a spiritual baggage to go better equipped in the trance of illness.

By being better equipped, they will also provide us with patience and hope. In other words, the patience-hope binomial is a fundamental key to overcome these situations.

Patience will be the faculty of staying strong and strong, with self-determination

Persevering in the day to day not to decay. And if unfortunately we fall, let us rise again if it fits with much more force.

Hope is the project of renewing a positive future that we visualize in order to focus on the here and now of our present, within a field of full health.

Candles healing Candle Art (great and little known tool); Will help you not only to confront adversity: in this case the loss of health, but also to ASIMILARLA. Very important attitude.

Healing through the balance. When we are able to assimilate the negativities of life; The easier it will be to overcome adversity, to face it and overcome it.

Healing through balance will also help us greatly to place ourselves on the path of recovery and well-being of the physical and ethereal body.




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