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GREEN CANDLE BUSINESS is for sales or billing to increase in any type of business, be it a store or a company of a certain level.

The objective is to attract new clients (counting on the usual ones), so that they become interested in our products or services and increase the turnover in our box.

The business green candle has a composition of 35 plants to attract sales such as: wormwood, mugwort, milk thistle, incense, anise, myrrh, plantain … The influence of these magnetized plants together with the beeswax, drives away the spirits or entities that negatively influence our business; attracting potential clients that can give us prosperity and stability in our lives.

The green candle business also helps us out of the workplace in our particular life, giving us luck in the economic field, offering fertility so that everything flows around us.

The auspicious day to light it or do the ritual is on a Thursday, day of the planet Jupiter maximum representative of prosperity.

Before lighting it, we will take the candle with both hands and visualize the desire we want to obtain; during the time that we believe necessary and then in a container of approximately 10 cm. in diameter we will light it.

The results we will see immediately, giving us the expected objectives and above all putting all our hope in the objectives we want to obtain.

Magic is mental but our faith predominates over everything.

For more information about the green candle business, do not forget to visit our website.

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