For a company to have more customers. ritual A.1

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For a company to have more customers. ritual A.1

For a company to have more customers. ritual A.1

For a company to have more customers. ritual A.1

For a company to have more customers. Ritual A.1. Many of our clients ask me for the low activity of business: billing, public visits, sales … we do not believe that enough effort to overcome the situation. The bad and good luck there, always cohabiting with the economic and political situation.

There are many rituals to activate a business and we prefer to point out to one that has given us excellent results for our clients.

The pack A-1 consists des following materials:

-1 candle  open roads luck cod. 1.03

-1 candle Business  -cod.1.07

-1 candle Money cod.1.09

-1 Plant extract oil cod.6.02

-1 Cinnamon incense.

-3 Containers poses candles.

Light the candle open roads luck on Thursday, a Friday Business and Money on a Saturday (all ritual for three consecutive days), previously anoint the candles with oil to enhance them, holding them in your hands a few minutes and visualizing mentally as we you wish our business work. I recommend you start the ritual in the late afternoon.

The next day and thereafter, you will see general changes in your private and family life (effect of candle open roads luck ) more activity in your business-level visits and budgeting (effect of candle business) as a result of the previous two candles, an increase of money by having a better work performance (Money candle effect).

Candle art you can find a variety of candles to solve the problems of your life.

Are Beeswax candles with plants and are made manually. Visit our website: is very interesting and entertaining.


We have more than 300 varieties that touch on all of life’s situations, such as Energy Cleanse,

Open Roads, Luck, Distance Negative Relationships, Attract Positive Relationships, Love, Business,

Money, Employment, Exams, Studies, Protection… there is a description of and comments about each

of our products on our website


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