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EXCESS OF DOMESTIC BREAKDOWNS. There are moments in our lives when we pass awful bad times. Everything goes wrong, we are nervous and irritable and our home is a real headache due to an excess of domestic faults. Many times all this happens in an inexplicable way; Everything is broken and is not always because it is appliances or utensils and old objects.
It is surprising to note that sometimes it is all about new things.
It can even be said that nothing that we do or project out in a successful way. And all this is translated in an endless number of inexplicable happenings of which we do not know the causes and we finish frankly disgusted.

This often happens on our own, because of our concerns.
We are generating negative energy poses that are not seen with the naked eye but that surround us intensely everywhere. These energy deposits if we do not clean them from time to time is due, (making spiritual or energetic cleanings), become real avalanches of snow falling at extraordinary speeds for the width and length of the slopes of our life. If they are not stopped in time they can throw us with a very strong and enveloping energy. These facts can also be produced by people who are around us and who voluntarily or do not constantly spill toxicity (it is understood to be spiritual), exerting on ourselves a very negative pressure so that things do not work as we want and need.

All this that we describe to you is not an inexplicable fact because it corresponds to a law of nature: good and evil, ying and yang or whatever we want to call it.
That is, we certainly do not know what is good until we come across the bad and do not become aware. And we do not realize what is really bad until we have tasted the good.
What we can really be clear about is that we must put all the material means at our disposal for our life to evolve and progress as satisfactorily as possible; Otherwise it can lead to tremendous instability.

EXCESS OF DOMESTIC BREAKDOWNS. In order for everything to work better and you are clearer, we propose you to make energetic cleanings with our candles periodically.
Once a month for example or when you see that there is a good harmony in your life. It is as simple as using a Cleaning Candle in Black or Natural or a Cut, either for spiritual causes or for a specific person who harms us. We recommend doing it always on Tuesday and at dusk so that in the morning it is already consumed. At night because our subconscious is more receptive to the influence of spells and energies. You can complete the improvement of your situation by adding a sail of Abrecaminos-Luck. Use it on a Thursday in the same way as you would with the previous candle and you will see in a few days that your personal, work, family or sentimental situation completely returns to its course.

If you want to know more about keeping your lives with luck: www.candleart.es


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