ESOTERIC SHOP Hospitalet de Llobregat ON-LINE

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ESOTERIC SHOP Hospitalet de Llobregat ON-LINE

ESOTERIC SHOP Hospitalet de Llobregat ON-LINE

Esoteric shop Hospitalet de Llobregat on-line, entirely dedicated to the manufacture of high quality esoteric candles, handmade, made of 100% virgin wax with a wick of plants, roots and seeds. The herbalists formulas have been developed and tested for each particular case.

The excellent quality of raw materials and energy careful preparation, make our candles obtain exceptional, very positive and quick results. We have more than 300 references covering all situations of life, on issues Energies Cleaning, Pathfinder, Luck, Out Negatives relations, Love, Sex, Business, Money, Employment, tests, studies, protection, etc …
On our website you will find the comment and description of all our products. In our ESOTERIC SHOP Hospitalet de Llobregat ON-LINE, you can visit our website see our wide range of products, from beeswax candles with plants, oils and enhance the petition ritualized, incense beans and stick, figure shaped candles saints. We also have a wide range of rituals pack with very detailed instructions.
In ESOTERIC SHOP at the same time we have created two lines of sails: the request or esoteric, to solve the problems of our life and another very interesting but less known.

Candles healing. They are conceived as working tools for therapists alternative sector: Reiki, yoga, massage therapy and any therapy / holistic alternative. These candles are always helpful addition to any conventional medical treatment; against the ailments for which they have been specially designed. In our ESOTERIC SHOP Hospitalet de Llobregat ON-LINE, you will find much of the esoteric items that can be found in the market. But some are exclusively ours. One of our flagship products, is sailing Salt with a curious aesthetic and highly effective. Also a small section of Santeria, widely accepted today. We have many other products that also sell other companies in the sector. But CANDLE ART provide a quality and unmatched efficiency. Our online store is very interesting and entertaining.

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