Esoteric products in stores

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Esoteric products

Esoteric products in stores

Esoteric products in stores

Esoteric products in stores. There are many esoteric products distributed in stores throughout the country, however we must be clear about the situation we want to solve and with what esoteric product we can fight it.

There are many esoteric products to get out of our misery, all with their different characteristics go well, according to the faith we have in each one of them: Candles, incense, minerals, amulets …
We Candle Art, manufacture esoteric candles, natural incense and oils to anoint candles. We will talk about pure beeswax candles, with herbal blends, is what we really understand and we have the experience in the market in more than 25 years, experimenting and modifying them to be more perfect in solving the current problems.
The esoteric candles themselves are a ritual, since they are energetically prepared with our usual system, for each specific case.

If the situation is related to several different cases, the ritual can be done with several different candles, we can advise you for free which ones you can use.
The results in doing the ritual are forceful and fast, always in your favor.
From experience we know that the candles of pure virgin wax, today are the ones that have a better result, since we do not know of another better driver towards spirituality.
In our varied list of esoteric products, we have the candles of request, healing, in figure form (candle 7 rows, buddhas, phalluses, skulls, couples, pyramids …), candles of salt, Santeria, rituals in pack very complete and with instructions, resin candles (benzoin, myrrh, incense), holy candles, archangels, incenses in grain, plants for burning, oils with extract of plants to anoint the candles (to reinforce the request), incenses of bar plants, of coal, electric burners …

For any questions you may have, you can contact us, and you can ask the question: is it worth using a Candle Art candle to solve your unhappiness?
Tel. 0034.615.111.85


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