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ESOTERIC CANDLES IN EASTER: TRADITION AND FAITH. There are dates on the calendar that are strongly rooted in our traditions, expressions and feelings of our culture and specifically in religious faith. Esoteric candles at Easter: tradition and faith, flood churches, temples, processions and banners. Easter is the climax of the religious fervor that has penetrated deeply into the collective memory of our society. They are very favorable dates to get spiritual help as doors open at the cosmic level so that humans can feel the grace and spiritual support of higher beings as saints, prophets, angels and ultimately high spirits. These are days when many of us ask the intercession of these higher beings for solutions to many problems that we face terrestrially to achieve goals or to help on health issues. It is especially these days, when people who really have faith often ask for help with an even more significant and profound faith; propitiating to be a suitable time to make requests or rituals with candles. CANDLE ART I recommend it highly.

ESOTERIC CANDLES IN EASTER: TRADITION AND FAITH. The feast of Easter is a unique opportunity for man to establish a spiritual communication with God, reminding us that he is always there. And a powerful instrument of communication are esoteric candles at Easter: tradition and faith, an indispensable light and always present. Although they are taken as days off and holidays, we should also reflect on days that are very marked and very significant. A poor and simple man (Jesus) sacrificed his life to convey a great message of peace and love and to witness some teachings full of wisdom and humanity. And as an example for man. That is why God in His eternal mercy, at this time, reminds us unconditional love of humanity, listening, forgiving and taking our prayers, establishing a special line of communication. In light of a candle, our thoughts will always be heard. In light of a candle a heart he never ceases to be comforted. Esoteric candles at Easter: tradition and faith of religious devotion feel a more intimate level.

The best days of Holy Week to perform rituals or make requests are Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. And the candles that best suit these days are those of Pathfinder-luck to ask prosperity in general. The St. Jude when we afflicts an important, urgent and intractable problem. And as the Health, to invoke healing, relief and protection against diseases that we suffer at that time.

Remember it; Esoteric candles at Easter: tradition and faith … and hope for something better. For any questions that you may arise you can check our website: https://www.candleart.es/en/

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