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ELECTRIC INCENSE BURNER TO BURN INCENSE, RESINS, PLANT AND ESSENCE. Censers, thuribles or incense burners are burning incense containers that were used in religious celebrations. They are known in Jewish antiquity and even in Egyptian and Greco-Roman, were adopted by the Catholic Church since the early centuries; as it recorded in historical documents and figurative representations in fresh and miniature codices from the High Middle Ages. Since ancient times is considered in many cultures as a purifying incense or scrubber (from the point of view of magical thinking) and as one of the elements of exorcism in various religions. The censer has also evolved a lot with men and their uses and so today we bring you the modern version of the censer. (ELECTRIC INCENSE BURNER TO BURN INCENSE, RESINS, PLANT AND ESSENCE). It is an innovation compared to traditional charcoal burners and candles or tea while effective we can not provide an environment as thoroughly clean and neutral impurities such as providing electricity.

The electric burner to burn incense, resins, plants and essences can be used at any time of day, thanks to a thermostat that regulates the temperature constantly, being this a minimum of 125 ºC and maximum of 250 °C. This burner is a beautiful ball of shiny black porcelain with a blank tapita the same color and relief. Inside has a resistance of a material of the highest quality: the mica. A very consistent mineral that makes it much more resistant to any other existing on the market. The burning time of the elements that we put inside is unlimited. And this is mainly because it is electric. In addition, the thermostat helps us to spreading the fragrance of incense derived from plants, resins and essences; is released faster the more we increase the thermostat or slower the more you get down. It also has some essential complements to make the most of. At the base it has a small aluminum cooking pot where we put what we want combust. This handy removable accessory is designed so that the central structure of the burner is always impeccable. It also provides a mini metal spoon to dispense bulk products we want to use. And as with a tweezers indispensable to remove and reposition the material being burned at that time.

It is an air freshener or fragrance diffuser, whose main function is perfuming or deodorizing any environment that needs it. You can put your favorite scents or simply those with more tune in. It can also be used in the esoteric plane to burn incense plants, resins such as myrrh and benzoin and other essences intended for that purpose; as the soft and delicate white smoke emerges it neutralizes negative energies and provides a neutral environment full of well-being. Transporting us to a warm and magical tranquility. We can also give an aesthetic or decorative use so attractive it is.

So you know, when you seek a relaxing time and remove negativities: ELECTRIC INCENSE BURNER TO BURN INCENSE, RESINS, PLANT AND ESSENCE.

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