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ECONOMIC CRISIS OF JANUARY: TAKE ACTION WITH CANDLES ESOTERIC. At this point we can schedule to conclude the Christmas celebrations. They are beloved, we gather with family and friends. Everything is magnified: food, drink, gifts and all kinds of leisure activities. There are dates on which everything takes a shine and a special color. But when you’re finished and if we have an economy strong and healthy enough, our pocket may suffer. And as the old saying goes: “a good start saving work.” We suggest you do a good cleaning to pave the way, it is sailing Cleaning Black (to absorb negative energies of all kinds) and the Natural Cleaning transmute that will handle all that energy of impurities into the Light. And so away and fight burdens we carry. Now it’s our star candle unlock: Pathfinder-Luck (. Cod 1.03), if we are unemployed is good to use it to open the path to that goal that we all desire. It is also time to not waste time (pun intended) with people who contribute little or nothing to our lives and we even intoxicating. Cut candle (cod. 1.04) is great for this purpose, has an extraordinary power. We must not forget either the range of healing candles that will help pull our projects forward that wonderful magic called protecting health. With all that throughout our existence; It is very important that before any new project we are energetically balanced and always guided by the wonderful path of Light.

ECONOMIC CRISIS OF JANUARY: TAKE ACTION WITH CANDLES ESOTERIC. In this regard they can contribute perfectly Velón San Cipriano (cod. 1.22) (considered one of the ancient doctors of the Church of antiquity). Together with the Candle of San Alejo (cod 1.21.); Finally it crucial to negative external influences do not fail anything so we’re watching. When the slope of January ended: take action with esoteric candles to succeed the rest of the year; we have exquisite candles and benefactors of benzoin (cod 12.00.) in three versions: green, yellow and natural: a real godsend. It comes from distant and exotic lands mainly in tropical Asia, a native of Sumatra, Java and Borneo. It gives spiritual support of first magnitude. On the one hand comforts and strengthens your heart, making it more receptive to love and the other gives a deep feeling of tranquility and sweetness. So beautiful properties have not been lost on CANDLE ART and have incorporated a range of candles which gives the name: Benzoin candles. Attract abundance in general, attracting positive energies and the opening of new roads will be the magic that brings us this sacred and symbolic resin.

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