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COMBAT INJUSTICE. Justice is a moral concept so that in a society the harmony and peace between the different individuals, a fundamental pillar so that the path of prosperity in a society can be undertaken.

Plato already said it, one of the greatest thinkers of Classical Antiquity: “Where there is violence, there is no justice.”

It takes a lot of understanding and above all a lot of balance and harmony to be fair and give each one what he deserves.

However Humanity is going through a few moments of great havoc. Terrorist attacks and wars are spreading terror and violence everywhere and are ravaging the entire planet.

When an injustice occurs, not only is it hurting a person or a particular group of people. We are accommodating another set of situations: suffering, grief, lack of confidence and disorientation.

In life, the lack of justice can be provoked either by people or by the circumstances that surround us. They have not behaved well with us through their actions or they may not have been known to behave otherwise.

At other times, the life itself or the particular or collective destiny of the individuals is fed dramatically with some of them or whole families. This causes us to lose control and the reins of our own lives, falling into despair.

All this usually produces a deep sense of sadness. It can also come from circumstances that produce collateral damage, such as wars. Some throw bombs and others suffer the consequences.

COMBAT INJUSTICE. The lack of justice brings social inequality, economic inequality, lack of recognition and of course opportunities. All this series of situations make us consider our existence and try to attract our lives, the peace and tranquility of spirit that we need, to feel that there is justice in our lives. That is to say we have around harmony to be able to walk through our destiny with a positive spirit in our day to day.

In today’s article we have set out to tell you about a very special candle for us, it is the candle of justice (code 1.11). And it is special because it is designed to demand divine justice.

When we feel abandoned by the justice of man (impartial, capricious and random), then we are entrusted to divine justice. And we ask for a change of destiny for injustices that we have suffered.

This candle can constitute a balloon of oxygen, since if we are granted the request or request that we do; A horizon full of confidence and opportunities will unfold before us.

We can assure you that if your cause is just and important enough in the eyes of God, you will find divine justice, which is neither bought nor sold, because it is such as it is.

We offer you a great opportunity to regain faith in the concept of justice (in itself), come from man or from God, recovering confidence and well-being in life.

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