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CLEANSE CANDLE TO REMOVE BAD ENERGIES. The Magician or the person responsible for the ritual must be aware that everything he is going to do will always fall on his back and in his soul, regardless of whether he is good or bad, because he is the only one Responsible for what it does with the reality that lives and transforms the day to day.

We are all responsible for our particular acts, but the Magician also has responsibility for the acts he does in relation to other elements and other people alien to him.

Below we will describe a ritual with candles CANDLE ART of white magic for the cleaning of energies detrimental for your personal, work and family life. It serves to eliminate the bad ones and to approach to the positive spirits of good will, so that they give you shelter and consolation.

The candles we will use for this ritual will be two: A black color code 1.01 that will serve to drive away from you the evil spirits, claws, larvae and other filth that torment your thinking. Also you have to use the Candle of Natural cleaning code 1.02, the mission of this candle is to lead to such filth to be transmuted and return to their place of origin.

This ritual can be done within a domestic environment (where we casually see that our bad luck or misfortune always appear in these places). There are also unusual noises such as blows, creaking of furniture …


CLEANSE CANDLE TO REMOVE BAD ENERGIES. We will start with the black candle of Clean code 1.01, we will take it with both hands, we will ask for help and we will ask the creator or some elevated spirit in which we have faith to help us.

We will pass through the whole house or enclosure and then put it in a ceramic or metal dish on the floor, in the most central part of the passenger compartment.

Then we take the natural candle Cleaning Code 1.02 and we will do the same as with the previous candle and pray for these entities never to come back to disturb our life. And help them to transmute themselves so that they reach the maximum degree of light, within their capacity of psychic intelligence.

This candle should be placed on the right side of the black candle, about 20 centimeters apart. Light the black candle with a wooden match and then the white or natural. You will always see that the black candle has a smaller flame and consumes much before the white one, reason for which it works much more energetically, to eliminate all the rot.

Soon you will feel an inner peace that you had never experienced and you will see that circumstances return to normal.

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See you soon.

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