CHRISTMAS GIFT. The most traditional festivals of the year are approaching, “the Christmas ones”, in which everything seems little to show our self-esteem towards ourselves and others.

These are some days when a happiness springs from within us, we forget for a season of all the negative that afflicts us throughout the year and our desire is to share our joy and hope with all our loved ones.

From Candle Art we want to offer you a very special Christmas Gift, give your beloved ones with very special candles, handmade by us.

What better and more original way to make a Christmas Gift offering a whole range of wishes to make them come true. They are rare candles since they are handmade and both the raw material they carry (beeswax, plants, their corresponding color for each wish and their energy preparation for each situation) makes them uncommon in the market, not all the candles are the same, although they are called candles.

In our product range we have approximately over 300 different references for each occasion, there are some especially as a Christmas present that, due to its presentation, cause more visual effect, without belittling others, all have optimal results.

Said candles are those of resin code 12-13-14 and 15, those of salt code 7, the complete rituals in a little box with the instructions inside and very well decorated, natural incenses, electric incense burners …

All this you can appreciate with all our other products in web sample.

We hope that this information will guide you in deciding your Christmas Gift.

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