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RITUALS PACK. Very often, in today’s world in which we live, we are presented with many issues which manage and provide solutions; for the evolution and development of our own existence, whether in the aspect that is and ourselves as human beings.

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We can not always find the solutions in the material world that surrounds us.

On numerous occasions, the matter is no more than a limited and hard block. It is neither ductile nor malleable and does not give us many more possible solutions. Because the primal nature of matter is always imperfection, you look where you look.

That is when humans shuffle move in other fields and other guidelines look out of the dilemma in which we live.

or we can call those guidelines, luck, chance, destiny, spirituality simply ritual.


A ritual is a set of actions very well organized and balanced each other; whose objective is that of providing a solution to a complex situation that do not really know how to handle.

In a ritual, regardless of creeds, religions, philosophies; we are demanding higher entities directly to your divine intercession for us the solution comes.

And indeed, the right one situation to the situation we are going through. And from our point of view: the rituals are nothing more than a request heavenly stays high thanks to grant or favors which we believe we deserve. Why rituals are some activities that date back to ancient times, where our ancestors, carried out a magical practices; They were aware that transcended beyond.


They had very clear that each of the elements that made up the ritual had a specific weight in achieving objectives. At first this knowledge were very rudimentary, but gradually evolved, like human beings; and they were able to describe all the attributes and properties that were used to reach your goals successfully. May initially these rituals were very crude, but they gradually evolved with humans through centuries and millennia. Today rituals are strongly seated structures capable of responding and solutions to everyday challenges that often confront us.

All these elements pose a magical component to synthesise, we formed a much more elaborate ritual. A ritual as Pack. We can also say that all these elements are loaded with a strong symbolic component. So CANDLE ART in their rituals pack, perfectly synthesizes all this symbolism. Fire, Earth, Air and Water are candles, incense and oil plant extract.

We are aware that the general public does not always have the knowledge needed to bring together all the tools needed and that these tools are the most successful. And the results are as satisfactory as possible.

We also connected with the most pressing needs to be given in the social, cultural and ideological context and we have been able to create a total of 49 rituals pack to meet almost all the needs that may happen along our existence.

Easy Solutions

We proceeded to grouping by / the topics by alphabetical code. Thus the Group A encompass rituals that have to do with economics and business; increase in business sales, increase sales in the business, to collect debts, so that the crops (in the field) are healthy …

Group B are related to luck in general and orange blossom: we come money, to bring luck …

The group C are related career: find here: how to find a job, get a promotion, approve an opposition, etc …

The group D are related to protection: from silence critical and gossiping to find protection in surgery and be protected in a traffic accident.

The eternal theme of love always includes the Group E: attract the desired person, breaking love spells, unite a marriage, etc …

In the rituals F group to what we most want in our lives, our children rituals ranging from protection, provide security in life that are held in the studies included spare bad company.

Health in the G group, the cornerstone of our lives: rituals to preserve health, both physical and mental, to repair it when it has already lost.


A special section are the group H under the “Miscellaneous” title, which meet very specific needs that sometimes we have applied our customers: rituals dates indicated in the calendar (Christmas, San Juan, New Year, etc …); emblematic dates in almost all religions and creeds. Also our clients have required us a ritual when they needed help to lose weight, get rid of unsuitable at home, and even in a case visits, several years ago, a client of ours asked us to recommend a ritual to settle a dispute and it lasted several years.

As you can see we have tried to cover with our pack rituals in almost all conflict situations that may occur in our lives. CANDLE ART feels wonderfully well with the result obtained when creating these rituals pack. But most satisfaction is that they can be offered and that may prove to yourselves the great results you can get.
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