ritual of saints in pack

Rituals of Saints

RITUAL OF SAINTS. We have designed rituals of Santos with all its elements included in a small wooden box with all instructions inside. It is a ritual in which all the elements of which it is composed, we can find them broken down into our product ranges…

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but here we have gathered together so that the customer is it easier and more convenient to carry it out without having to worry about looking and collect all the products found on our website, saving you time.

The presentation, as always, is great and is another idea ideal original gift and little seen.

If we can with individual saint obtain very good results, with the pack of Saints we will examine these augmented by much results. Quite a few added supplements and each supplement individually will take care to strengthen an aspect or a shed that surround the set of circumstances of the situation in which they operate and will develop this ritual.

For impossible petitions that deserve its reward

It is very original because it takes the candle, in most cases, the same name as the saint. That is, the Holy carries his own candle. Thus we can say that all the Saints take their property and main working tool, which is in turn the candle.

It also carries a small small bottle of oil to anoint plants or dress figure and sailing and thus enhance and print even more positive energy.

Another important addition is a box of incense, the essence of which will be present in tune with the elements already specified above. And of course, with the instructions to follow so that the officiant is guided at all times and the result is satisfactory.

CANDLE ART knows the very significant role played by Saints in the Christian religion, is an icon and an important bulwark of faith. They are a very defined and prominent part of this religion. And considering their effectiveness, they have a strong and rooted hallmark itself.

They have earned the reputation that precedes them, which is long and successful. And so we wanted a tool to find the strength and guidance that sometimes we all need.


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