electric incense burner

Electric Incense Burner

Electric incense burner. Some time ago CANDLE ART introduced into its products and its online store an electrical burned practical; which can dispense with the traditional charcoal tablet lifetime. The truth is that it is a great innovation of utensils in the esoteric world. Incenses, resins, plants and oils can be pinned inside. the function of a traditional coal burner but with the great advantage that we can plug into the mains ago.

It is practical, not dirty the environment of our home and is very easy to clean. It has a practical thermostat to regulate the intensity and duration of the element to combust.

It is presented with an attractive and modern box with a number of accessories to help in this role; which they are ideal to make a unique gift. CANDLE ART is sure to be an essential object when you want to burn any type of offering.

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