Virgin Wax Candles

Virgin Wax Candles beeswax

Virgin Wax Candles. Beeswax is the common ground we have for all our sails, we do not use paraffin (derived synthetic oil) or other waxes.
We believe from experience that the best spiritual and energetic driver for communication with the Creator of man has to be a very natural, beeswax today is considered the best to date. It is an offering that we make in high places will appreciate much better.

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Pure and natural offerings are most connected with them for being part of their essence and nature. If the offering is more synthetic, more and more artificial materials logically it is much more difficult full connection to these areas that are completely isolated from everything that has to do with the material and earthly. Recall that the creator created nature and offer of this nature is to be consistent in that we give back part of their essence.

If all this, we add to candle a variety of plants to vibrate to order them beforehand has been assigned, we add some colors to find the result we want, we get a product widely studied, tested and achieved.


The wax is not a vegetable production are an animal voluntarily secrección that bees secrete always in need through the ceríferas glands of young workers. Wax flakes emerging from between the rings abdomen where, by the hind leg and jaw carried chew, saliva impregnating and adding small amounts of pollen and propolis making them more malleable. Thus the wax flakes become the wonder of regularity which is the honeycomb. Secretion of wax is subjected to the joint action of the following four factors:

– There must be a large population of young bees, according ROESCH, twelve to eighteen days old; younger according LANDAVER.
– The temperature inside the hive has to be high, more specifically 33 ° to 36 ° degrees in the cluster of workers special wax.
– Copious Food, have to enter the hive large amounts of honey and pollen. Segregating 1 kg of wax workers consume 10-12 kg of honey.
– Needs of the colony. In times of abundance secretion of wax it is very high; lean time is zero. But bees can be opercular cells and their larvae in the absence of honeydew, using existing wax honeycombs.


VIRGIN WAX CANDLES are used since ancient times for mystical rituals and to represent the 4 main elements of nature. When a candle is lit these features are set in motion the powerful hidden forces of nature. The flame represents the fire element used to purify and catalyze negative energies, the virgin wax is related to the earth element and when it liquefies is represented to the water element, later to become an emanation of the air element in this case is the transmitter channel the energies and requests.

Purity, peace, protection, truth, harmony and great spiritual achievements, clairvoyance, mind, communication, good projects, happiness, luck, welfare and intelligence. All the above factors have been linked to a much higher level of spiritual purity, so to reach our highest level of vibrational energies and that the result of these energies are highly satisfactory. For the desires and spiritual achievements is highly recommended and effective meditate with a candle bee wax virgin. Bee wax virgin has emollient, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Not only that, throughout history beeswax has been the protagonist of truly amazing facts.

Avicenna, Persian physician important seniority in his famous “Canon of Medicine”, cites numerous drug formulas, whose composition beeswax figure. Dioscorides, Greek physician S. I in his book “Materia Medica” frequently mentioned as medicines honey and beeswax. Impetuously apiculture development in the Christian era, because of the use of wax for making candles.

Virgin Wax Candles

It is said that the wax sucks poisons, so it applied an ointment on the wounds caused by poisoned arrows end and poison, in these cases did not produce any harm, ie, is neutralized.

According to the State Pharmacopoeia of the USSR, poultices, ointments and creams should be prepared in pharmacies based on beeswax. Beeswax is extracted exclusively from old combs, hives and cappings with bees clog the cells filled with honey. It is not a synthetic product of oil, much less, as other waxes and paraffins.

CANDLE ART, once again proposed acercaros the vast, wide world of applications of beeswax are derived so that we are able to understand that all these material applications can be used in a parallel manner in an esoteric, alternative and spiritual world .


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