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Santeria Candles Yoruba

SANTERIA CANDLES is merely the result of syncretize, to mix and match the Christian religion, with the Yorubas or locumy, who were mostly African slaves. And with these humans, also they came to the New World, logically their language and culture, myths, customs, religions and legends.

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They were forced to embrace a new language, new customs and a new religion, in this case Christian.
But they not at all resigned themselves to losing their gods, to lose the most sacred and perhaps the only possession they had left after being uprooted from their land and forcibly separated from their families. In addition, they were afraid that heavenly beings in which they believed, arrojasen on them, all kinds of curses if they renounced their faith.

Means to justify any adverse End

Such a mixture, due to one of the qualities of man, qualities very obsolete in our times: the strength of faith, were forced to leave their gods, but before that identify preferred to mix with the white man. Anything before losing them. And so they could keep until today, adapting them so naturally that no one has happened and never be undone again.

On the contrary, Santeria now enjoys good health and reputation, thanks to the multitude of believers in their Yoruba gods and Christians, especially on the island of Cuba saints.

Each orisha has a secret to an area which is the absolute king. Some protect spirits, other health candles, others by love, etc. Arguably each orisas ascribes to one of the activities and needs of human beings, as Christians SATO are patrons of each of the faithful, whether shoemakers, journalists, mechanics, fishermen.

Santeria is a system of seeing and understanding life (a life philosophy), a concept of existence where the Western mind, often mercantilist and almost always forgetting a healthy subjectivity (belief, Fe), never will accommodate not be we have the ability to open our consciousness, our senses, our mind and spirit to the intangible and unknown. Unless we not be able to feel the energies manifest, we can never come into contact with Santeria or perceive beyond our senses.

We feel it to understand. And we must open our heart and soul for it.
Santeria candles is the new presentation of CANDLE ART, focusing on the rites and Yoruba tradition, each candle corresponds to a particular deity, made of pure beeswax, mixed with plants and a special ornamentation to favor the deity.
Santeria candles Oshun, Chango, Eleggua, Obbatalá, Yemaya.


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