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Honey Candles Love

HONEY CANDLES. Itself in the market beeswax candles with candle honey very often confused. It is a manipulation of the wax to extract honey from it by a centrifuge.
Honey is an attractant in the esoteric field, for the spirits of Upper and Lower astral, also for natural persons who are required to work in a magic. So we have to discern quite what we want to attract entities.

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This depends heavily on the judgment of the person performing the ritual and its consciousness.
Honey candles are generally intended to themes of love, endulzamientos, attraction couple, pacify discussions marriages, smooth, familiar environments friendships, work colleagues and bosses, hostile reassure people. And paraqué environments in general are much more peaceful and quiet. And also for the environments in general are much more peaceful and quiet.

First quality

Honey candle must know how to do it. Many times the offer on the market as honey and beeswax truth. This is what you will notice the hand touch. It is more sticky and heat acquires viscous texture. And of course the smell coming from a Miel (Honey not essence) is the real test. At the end we realize that it does not take a genius to do with the authenticity of these candles, just common sense and observation.

Esotericism, since ancient times, considered Honey as the symbol of “Higher Self” that helps us that we can achieve the goals that we set in terms of wealth, health, prosperity, happiness, love, sex and harmonization of spaces where there disagreement. We can find candles deferential Honey in 3 versions:

– A sheet of honeycomb of bees and rolled with a wick (usually the most common).
– Sailing honey (mixed with some wax).
– And that without honey is honey colored.
the we can also be used as reinforcement of other rituals as it has a very powerful energy and whenever we want an extra push in a ritual, place a candle honey to support and strengthen it.

Candle Ritual with Honey

On 11 (the number of force) of each month, a special energy which is ideal to light a candle honey develops. And without asking anything because she already knows what we need in every moment. work, health, money, family, happiness and much more: all the positive aspects of our life will be enhanced. It is very interesting in number 3 in a triangle to perform the rituals.

First we magnetize with our hands and ask that we can attract love and sweeten the relationship that we have to attract happiness. And then you can also write candles names of people who want to work. a photograph of the couple is placed in the center and light candles. While it is interesting to note that these candles need not be consecrated or ask anything, for it makes all mess herself alone. In fact it is the best way to light this candle, not asking anything at all.

To light a candle in our home honey will come blessing, sweetness, richness and harmony. Also very effective to make a sugaring soften environments and people and bring peace to both people and environments.

In CANDLE ART you can find craft (its main hallmark), custom (according to the specific needs of each person) and certainly always ritualized.


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